11 dec. 2011

Recap: October

Here are a few random things from October:
Visiting a friend's garden I made a mental note to try planting Japanese lanterns on the balcony next year. (Doesn't hurt to try, right?)

Went to Louisiana to see Klee & Cobra. (Was more enthused with this construction.)

The museum shop at Louisiana always have a great selection. Like this big bulky book with the beautiful tape.

In the beginning of October we finally launched the new website for Fröknarna, featuring wonderful photos by KJ Hjertström.

I started a project I haven't been able to finish yet... More to come on this one.

And on October's last Saturday the fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife. We went to my cousin's wedding and had so much fun! The only photo I can show though is this, the marvellous mailbox on the street that led up to the church.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hujedamej vad du har varit saknad! gött, riktigt gött att du är tillbaka :) ps. jag har inte fått iväg några kort ännu, men nu blev jag påmind...kanske kan klura lite på det i jul. FET KRAM